Ready and waiting to open your next bottle

Beautiful and functional, this tulip corkscrew has 4 petals to use as leverage to open even the toughest corks.  Plus, it looks great on your counter during those rare times when you don't need to open a bottle.

Tulip Corkscrew $24.95

Wee Tee Pee

These handmade tee pees are the perfect getaway spot for the little ones.  You get to choose the fabric and they fold up easily for storage.  Backyard camp outs have never been so cute!

Child Teepee $130 Etsy


Hook these animated robots up via USB and they will respond to keywords that you type with unpredictable jokes and commentary. Each Chatterbot has a different personality and unique animation.  They can even comment on upcoming calendar events and reminders.

Chatterbot $12.99

Warm ears without goofy hair

Wearing ear muffs or a hat to keep your ears warm often leaves you with crazy hair.  Earbags are the solution. With 2 layers of soft Polartec fleece, the featherlight ear wraps will keep your ears warm and your hair just right.

Earbags $17.10

Save your booty

Compleate with scull and crossbones on the side, this coin bank is perfect for pig and pirate lovers alike. Arrr!

Pirate Piggy Bank $19.99

Dorm room walls will never be the same

These sticky frames are great for dorms and rentals where you can't put nails in the walls.  Also, perfect for teenagers to hang all of those heart throb pictures they tear out of magazines.

Photo Frame Stickers $19.95

Music via Frog

This adorable MP3 player is just the right size for kids and just the right price.  The little eyes even light up when music is playing and it has a built in voice recorder. 

Ribbit MP3 Player $22.23


Put and end to fumbling through keys with these adorable key covers.  Use them as stocking stuffers, or tie to the end of a bow atop a gift.

Quirkeys $9.99 ModCloth

12 adorable hostess gifts

Obviously your favorite green thumb would love this, but I have another idea.  Buy a set and plant them yourself and let them grow.  Now you have 12 gifts to give to your office friends or use them as hostess gifts.

Year of Seeds $79.95 Red Envelope

A picture frame with an e-mail address

No more loading photos into your digital photo frame.  You and your friends just e-mail photos to your photo frame.  The frame scans for new photos every few minutes and automatically loads up the new ones. Plus, it scans Flickr and Facebook and loads those up too. 

WiFi Photo Frame

Art in your pocket for five bucks

What a special little find!  Pocket Mirrors by Tim's Sally. There are so many cute little prints to choose from and they are only five dollars!  Adorable stocking stuffers.

Pocket Mirrors $5
Tim's Sally via Etsy

Girly PJs

Have you discovered BedHead Pajamas yet? They carry the most beautiful prints and are made of the finest cotton. What's not to like? Visit their site to see the full line.

BedHead Pajamas

A new way for men to leave their mark

Encourage the men in your life to do a little more of the cooking with these customizable brands. Also a great way for woodworkers to stamp their latest creation.

Monogrammed Branders $69.96 Red Envelope

I get it. You love your hometown.

We all know someone who can talk all day about their hometown.  Give them a puzzle with the address of their house or favorite bar smack dab in the middle. Know someone who can't stop reliving the glory days of college?  Put the university campus in the center and cross them off your list.

Zip Code Puzzle

Calling all fairy princesses

Imaginations will run wild inside this easy to set up bower.  The forest themed canopy attaches easily to a tree or wall, creating an instant nook for playtime or dream time. 

Forest Friends Bower $119 Magic Cabin

Every baby should have a cape

You know your baby is super, why shouldn't everyone else know too.  This adorable snap suit will showcase the super powers of your little mini-me.

Super Snapsuit $29.95

Put a pig on it

Keep the microwave clean with this Pig Faced Cooking lid.  The dishwasher safe silicone lid vents steam through the pig's nostrils.

Pig Cooking Lid $18 MoMA

Do you wish for blue skies when it's raining?

The opposite of having a rain cloud follow you around all day. This umbrella will keep blue skies ahead even on the rainiest days.

Blue Sky Umbrella $48 MoMA

Hopside Down Beer Glass

A clever receptacle for the beer drinker who has everything.
Hopside Down Beer Glass
$19.99 Amazon

Maybe he won't lose these.

If your husband is like mine, he's always looking for his collar stays.  I like to think if they looked this good, he wouldn't misplace them as often.  These come in sets of 12 and Collar Ink has other tattoo inspired designs to choose from.

Collar Stays $12.65 Collar Ink

Toss the stupid bluetooth earpiece

Just sink up your cell phone to this device and give yourself the ability to talk hands free without one of those uncomfortable ear pieces.  It has built in echo cancellation and has a mute button.  Plus it provides up to 8 hours of talk time and is fully rechargeable.

Bluetooth Speakerphone
$69.95 Hammacher & Schlemmer

Dreaming of a land line

Back in the day, phones didn't fit in your pocket and the defiantly didn't take pictures. Although these classic rotary phones have been refurbished and modernized,  you still get to rotate the dial around and jump when you hear the crazy loud ringer.

Retro Telephone 119.95

Duck Hunter enters the 21st century

Bring a video game favorite to life, indoors or out. The duck flies around flapping his wings up to 500 times per minute.  Then, 3 direct hits from the safe infrared gun and the bird comes down.

Live Duck Hunter
$29.95 Hammacher & Schlemmer

Live long and prosper

We all want the best for our loved ones and this necklace is a great way to show them.  Made of fine silver, this tiny origami crane is a symbol of peace, long life, good luck and prosperity.

Origami Crane Necklace
$69.95 Wrapables

Sleeping with sushi

Sweet dream are ahead for your favorite sushi lovers when they climb into bed with their new plush cuddle buddies. Choose from classic shrimp, tasty tuna, rosy salmon roe, or palate cleansing wasabi and ginger.

Plush Sushi $9.99 ThinkGeek

Caves aren't just for bears

The hidden support keeps the flap open creating a comfy spot for Fido to curl up in.  The cover is removable for safe for machine washing.

Large Cosy Cave $99.99 SkyMall

A spoon for the Lazy

These handcrafted cherry wood spoons are notched allowing them to rest on the side of your pot, ensuring they are always within reach.  Available in Righty or Lefty.

Lazy Spoon $32 Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons

What a wee little bowl

Panopoly's handmade Wee Bowls are perfect for use as salt cellars or condiment bowls. Use the custom order option and pick some colors to match the kitchen. 

Custom set of wee bowls
$32 Etsy

For the Twilight Lovers, a la Etsy

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Here is a round up of Etsy finds for the Twilight obsessed.

VinylFruit                 FatKatPrintz            Brighid'sForge

 Heidi'sJewelryDesigns         Bluembrownlee            TheTwilightShop

  PlanFStudios                 Krantzwerk                         faboolux

 TwilightTees                 ThePaintingLibra                 VinylFruit 

Dress up for your disposable razor

We have all seen shave sets. What I love about this set is that it holds the popular 'Mach 3' disposable razor blades. So much easier than changing out safety blades.

4 Piece Shave Set $47.90 Amazon

Have you seen my To-Do list?

We write things down so that we don't for get them. Now, you can avoid losing your To-Do List because it's printed on your hand.  The inclulded pen contains skin-safe washable ink.

To-Do Tattoo $3.50 Amazon

Fly through airport security in style

You never even have to take your laptop out of the bag with the new 'airport friendly' laptop bags.  They open up down the middle and lay flat on the conveyor belt with your computer still inside and are TSA approved.  As a frequent traveler, I can assure you, that's a beautiful thing.

LeSportsac Laptop Bag $108 eBags

Wish I played Golf

Protecting golf clubs has never looked so good.  These are perfect for those golfers who are above using a stuffed animal to protect their clubs.

Piel leather head covers $104.99 Walmart

Banana Bunker

The clever Banana Bunker has been keeping bananas safe and sound since 2000.

Banana Bunker $12 MoMa

Have a drink with Charles & Ray Eames

Married in 1941, Charles & Ray Eames were perhaps the most influential designers of the 20th century.  Any designer would be thrilled with these coasters featuring the most popular chairs of this pioneering duo.

Eames Chair Coasters $20 MoMA

Beautiful Pictorial Dictionary

This dictionary is filled with over 1,500 original engravings that graced the pages of dictionaries of the 19th century.  This book is sure to inspire the designers and artists on your list.

Pictorial Webster's Dictionary $23.10 Amazon

Your photo in 252 pieces

Putting together a puzzle of your favorite vacation spot is way more fun than a puzzle of cows in a field.  Why not turn your favorite family photo into a puzzle for the grandparents?

Photo Puzzle $24.95 Photoworks

Gardening has gone High Tech

Using the same technology that NASA used on Mars, this unassuming little flower measures sunlight, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage in your own garden.  Then, it recommends plants for your specific soil.  

easyBloom Plant Sensor $39.94 Amazon

Wreath for Foodies

Edible holiday decor that can be delivered right to their door? You can cross many of those names off your list now.  Handmade mixed herb wreath of fresh bay, sage, purple oregano, Santa Cruz oregano, lavender and chile de arbol is naturally air dried and pesticide-free.

Mixed Herb Wreath
$49.95 Sur la table

Tie it Down

Keep ties out of your soup with out a bulky tie bar. You could also use these as a gift tag.  Stick a ribbon through the holes and write the recipients name on the Tiedown.

Tiedown $1.50 Amazon

Salt Arsenal

This bounty of salts from all over the globe is sure to delight even the most critical foodie.

Sea Salt Sampler $149.95 Red Envelope

This could bring snail mail back

The quest of J&D is to make everything taste like bacon and they are off to a great start. Correspondence never tasted so good. 

Bacon Flavored Mmmvelopes $6.99 J&D's

Talk amongst yourselves

These porcelain plates, in conversation bubble shapes, were inspired by Japanese comics. Serve your finger foods on these to encourage conversation at your next gathering.

Conversation Plates $49.99 ModCloth

Mr. Rogers in Your Pocket

Carry a thoughtful little pick me up in your pocket.  This keychain play 6 different Mr. Rogers sound clips at the touch of a button.

Mr. Rogers Keychain $8.49 Amazon

2009 Best Toy Award Winner

This building set was awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum award for 2009 and it's easy to see why.  Each of the 240 discs in the set are slotted making them easily connectible in limitless configurations. Sure to keep the kiddos busy when you need them to.

Connectagons $24.98 Magic Cabin

Keeping dry was never so sweet

Standing under a giant daisy to keep dry could brighten even the most dreary day.

Daisy Umbrella $30 Amazon

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler...

A great gift for your cubical buddy or any Office Space fan.  According to Milton, you should go with the Swingline because it doesn't bind up as much.

Red Swingline Stapler $16.89 Amazon