10 Gift Worthy Decor Books

1.   In House $37.80
2.   Hue $32.97
3.   Domestic Art $181.19
4.   The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge $59.85
5.   Elle Decor So Chic $26.40
6.   The New Traditional $23.35
7.   Apartment Therapy: Real Homes, Real People $18.15
8.   To Your Taste $29.70
9.   Flip! for Decorating $16.32
10. Tricia Guild Pattern $26.40

11 books for the crafty, Under $20

1.    Handmade Home $14.93
2.    Sewing Green $16.47
3.    Simply Sublime Bags $13.57
4.    Retro Crafts $10.17
5.    Anticraft $15.63
6.    Crafter's Devotional $16.49
7.    Craft, Inc. $11.53
8.    Big Ass Book of Crafts $13.57
9.    Printing by Hand $18.15
10.  ReadyMade $16.50
11.  One Yard Wonders $14.25

10 Books for Photography Lovers

3.   Photographing America $31.50
4.   Why People Photograph $10.17
5.   Within the Frame $26.39
6.   Contact Sheet $26.37
7.   Photojojo! $14.95
9.   The Polaroid Book $10.19

10 adorable books for babies

1.    Yummy Yucky $6.99
2.    Art for Baby $13.59
3.    Life Size Zoo $12.21
4.    Tickle Monster $11.53
5.    Peek a Baby $6.99
6.    Bear's New Friend $7.99
7.    Pat the Bunny $9.99
8.    Excuse Me! $5.99

Fantastic DIY Ornaments

I made these last year for just about everyone on my list.  I assure you, they were a big hit!  I used double sided scrap-booking paper to make 20 ornaments under 20 dollars.  3 sheets will make 2 ornaments.

Paper Ornaments via Instructables

DIY Candy Cane Syrup

What a great idea! This sweet little treat would be perfect to p pair with some homemade hot chocolate mix.

Candy Cane Syrup
 via Storybook Woods

Hot Chocolate Mix
 via ingredients, inc.

DIY Cat Playhouse

I don't have a cat, but if I did, my cat would have a new place to hang out very soon.  I love this idea!

10 Books Wine Lovers Will Love

3.   Wine Politics $18.15
4.   Wine & War $10.17
5.   To Cork or Not to Cork $11.47
7.   The Grial $12.89
8.   Living With Wine $47.25
9.   The Judgement of Paris $11.52
10. The Wine Bible $12.97

DIY Infused Spirits

Make your own custom infused spirits for your friends this year.  Want to make the gift even more special?  Throw in some DIY etched glassware.

Infused Vodka via wikihow
Skittles Vodka via MixThatDrink

DIY Lunchbag

This adorable DIY lunch bag would make a great gift for your office friends.

Lunchbag via Design Sponge

DIY Braided Doormat

Choose rope colors to coordinate with your friends home.

DIY Braided Doormat via Martha Stewart

DIY Illuminated Snowflake Ornament

This ornament does require some soldering, but I think it's worth it.  The center holds an LED light.

Illuminated Ornament
via Fashioning Technology

DIY Cuff Links

What a great way to add to his cuff link collection.  Let the kids pick out the stones and you put them together.

Cuff Links via Martha Stewart

DIY Garden Torches

These torches are perfect for wine lovers or gardeners.  Plus, they keep wine bottles out of landfills and they're just awesome.

Wine bottle torch
via Gerardot & Co.

DIY Sling Bag

Using minimal fabric and a bit of your time, you can make this adorable everyday sling bag.  The free pattern also comes with the option to make it a shoulder bag.

Sling Bag via Oh, Fransson!